Friday, March 20, 2009


I was snooping round the lovely Chasing Lou blog this afternoon (as I am waiting for cocktail hour to arrive!) and discovered these outrageous but totally super-cool gloves by designer Anna-Sara Davik. And now I want to make a pair because I'm pretty sure they would cost an arm and a leg (and maybe a hand too...haha). I'm thinking I might find a pair of vintage gloves and get crafty. Man, my DIY list is growing v. v. long....

Don't you think they would look smashing whilst drinking my Friday night cocktail? On that note-have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So here at Lala Orange we are BIG, HUGE, MEGA fans of Gossip Girl. After a really long, long, long break Gossip Girl is back on! (oh by the way we watch it online-super addictive!) Well this weeks episode was great and left me hanging for more and there were so many questions to be answered and left me pondering why I love this show so much!

How did Jenny Humphrey make all those costumes by herself? Isn't she like 15? I know she is worked for Eleanor Waldorf but Serena and Blair looked like they were wearing couture.. seriously! I really do love the fashion on GG-bows, knee socks, hats and glove-somethings just won't work in this Australian climate, shame.

Are Blair and Chuck the new 'Marisa and Ryan' or 'Rachel and Ross'? Will they get together? Will she take him back? I am confused but I want to almost shouted 'What about Chuck?' at the computer screen when Blair got all cozy with slimeball Carter.

Vanessa is annoying but I liked her bag! I think Vanessa is really irritating and I think her and Nate are so wrong together and he should leave Vanessa for Jenny. Then Vanessa can leave the show and we can get a new character. But last night I give Vanessa props for that neon yellow! ( I couldn't find a picture-sorry...)

I kinda want Georgina Sparks to come back! I quite liked that story line, it was exciting and super bitchy. Serena is cooler when she is mess and kinda boring/bimbo-like when she is crushing on her gay director.

Is it bad I have a crush and son/father team Dan and Rufus? No need to answer this...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crusty Goodness!!!!

We just got these delightful goodies into the shop yesterday! Bless, they are cute! Uppercrust hails from Melbourne and has created a funny and quirky label. I think a brooch added to a lapel of a winter coat would bring a little cheer to a cold winters day!
P.S they are cheap as chips small ones start from $30! yeeeha!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I have discovered my new fave designer inspiration for Winter! And I am thinking some DIY and craft days are going to have to be a must! I was scrolling though some pics on and discovered Ashish a UK label run by designer Ashish Gupta and boy does he love colour, fun and all things printed! I really like pom-poms and we have ordered these really great scarves for winter which are plaited with pom-poms on the ends-so cute and can't wait till its cold and chilly and time to get all rugged up! I really LOVE that pom jumper super fun!

For one of our windows a few months ago, Kitty made all these pom-poms out of old vintage fabric and hung them in the window! They were so cute and once again she is spot on with the trend thing again!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Floating on a cloud!

Last night the Lala gang packed their picnic baskets and headed down to the swan river in Bayswater to watch the floating cinema hosted by Perth International Arts Festival! It was delightful and a perfect end to the weekend!
They were showing Kiki's Delivery Service which is made by the same people who did Howls Moving Castle. It was so innocent and sweet and GiGi the kitty was was funny. Kitty Brite got all domestic on us and baked roasted onion tarts, these roast tomatoe mini delights and prawn salad. It was feast and the most enjoyable evening! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Would you beliEVE it?

So funniest thing happens last night...I went and saw Flickerfest @ Camelot Outdoor (oh super lovely free drinks and pizza yum!) and I am watching this film called 'Eve' which is about this grandaughter who is dragged along on her grandma's date! It stars that girl from the Wackness and Juno- Olivia Thirbly and Lauren Bacall (who is so still very beautiful) and the cute and v. charming Ben Gazzara. After it finished I am thinking to myself 'Awww that was my favourite!" and then guess who directed it?! Natalie Portman-no wonder I haven't seen her in anything recent lately she is making cute super cool films! I guess thats also why she had such great actors and had the very talented Sufjan Stevens do the soundtrack they are probably all friends but regardless I think she tells a lovely story! Tops!!!!
P.S Oh yeah Flickerfest runs all weekend and has different films each night! I think I might go on Saturday night too!
P.P.S Oh yeah how pretty does she look with long hair-yeah?

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I was checking out facebook yesterday and one of my friends posted this video of Natalie Portman on Saturday Night Live rapping. It. is. pretty. hilarious. Natalie Portman is so super cute and she gets all gangster on us and its almost shocking. I haven't really loved her in anything recently since maybe Garden State-oh Zach Braff! Though I did quite like her in Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium which I saw on the plane to Bali but then again I am quite partial to a kid movie I must say! I'm not sure I really enjoy her crazy short hair thing she has going on...but either way she is way cool and totally pretty and got to make out with Gael Garcia Bernal, Jake Gyllenhaal and Devendra Banheart! Lucky lady...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pinky, Promise!

I've been all M.I.A for last several days as I have been busy little bee and then it was a long weekend and I took some 'me' time! Having a 3 day weekend was total bliss! I mooched round, read a book, went to the pub, woke up late but now my week is all out whack and I keep thinking its Tuesday but it is actually Wednesday-yay almost the weekend again!

Anyways, I was checking out my long list of daily blogs and I stumbled across this!!!! So super cute! I want meet the pink dolphin! Apparently its albino. I wonder if there is going to start to be a trend in the animal kingdom-whats next a green bunnies, blue bambis and purple horses? I kinda want to see that...
P.S: Did any see the weekend papers? Lala got x 2 shout outs! One in the West Mag (which featured a terribly awkward photo...) and Lala made it into the top 50 boutiques in Perth under the gift section! Good work!