Saturday, June 27, 2009

Date Night

We stumbled across this post the other day on Icing's blog. Super cute! I love the idea of an unusual date. Sometimes it's so fun to do something that you wouldn't ever do and what is better than doing that with a someone you are crushing on!

My favourite were "The Collaborative Art Date", "Write a letter to each other and post it" and "Be Tourists for the Day"! These are such super-duper ideas! Ahhhh love...its a nice feeling.

Saturday is date night yeah? My lovely boyf and I are jam-packing our date-night with art and exhibitions! We are off to Over Growth 2 at Last Chance Studios and then popping by BOOM at Spectrum. I'm not sure how romantical it will be as there are a group of us going...but
it'll be fun!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ladies of Leisure

Kitty and I and a few of gentlemen and lady friends got all fancy and went for high-tea on Sunday- ooolala! It was delightful, well almost...It was a beautiful sunny day and I wanted to be outside looking over the river but we got a crappy inside table. It almost made me cry as I had organised it for Kitty's birthday and wanted everything to be perfect. The food was mediocre which was a tad disappointing but the tea was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I would totally got back for the tea alone! It was served in old silver teapot and floral fine bone chine. I am now in love with Stockholm tea-sweet and fruity! Ta-ta xox

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Soda-pop and Corn-dogs!

Seriously, Adventureland is one of the funniest movies I've seen this year. Big call, I know but it has everything I look for in a movie. Quirky characters- tick, cute geek-chic boys-tick, teen angst-tick, laugh out loud line-tick! Not to mention its set in the 1980's -though cleverly done and v. subtle! I completely endorse this film, ha-ha!
It was directed by Greg Mottola who was behind Superbad which I thought that was pretty funny, too. I think it has a Freak and Geek flavour and it was funny to see a grown up 'Bill' (played by Martin Starr) in Adventureland, he is hilarious!
I also formed a little crush on the Jesse Eisenberg, too. He is my new Hollywood hottie! Tee hee! It had the most limited release and I can't figure out why, we had to trek to Readings to see but boy, was it worth it! Oh, it was so whimsical and nostalgic!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Cute as pie! We got these little treasures in the shop last week and boy, I like them lots. They are by Naomi Murrell who hails from Adelaide and likes cups of tea and folk music. She sounds like our type of girl! Welcome to our Lala family, Naomi!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Candy Mountain

I've mentioned this before on our blog- we enjoy trashy pop-culture TV. We can't help it, we are addicted! So when I read that Lauren Conrad was leaving The Hills and writing a series of books about a 'fictional' character who stars in her own reality TV show. I got a little excited. Ha-ha! I mean I was sad she was leaving the show but the drama will continue I'm sure of it!

So when I got emailed an excerpt from the book which is being launched on 24th June in Australia-I jumped for joy as once I finished reading it I instantly wanted more! I have already got my name on the waiting list...yep there is one! Click here for the full excerpt! My only disappointment was the characters name. Jane. I must say its a little bland...If I was writing a book about my life I would make my character have some way cool, awesome name like- Lola, Fern or Hazel!

This part made me laugh...

"What's wrong with white?" Jane asked.
"It just doesn't look great on camera. Color looks way better."
Jane looked down at the summery white lace dress she was wearing. Crap, she thought.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


howdy bloggers! oh excuses, excuses, excuses! I can think of a million reasons for why I have been all M.I.A over the last couple of weeks but none of them actually sound any good, Ha-ha! So, how is everyone?! i must say I have missed you :)

Kitty has been travelling the globe and has bought home with her some super-duper goodies for the shop! V. exciting! I love presents...especially the shiny kitsch variety!

Here are some of the sweetest things which have found a new home on our shelves! Loving the ice-cream cone money boxes, knitted hair-bows and beaded fruit coin purses! There is a whole range of other lovely treats so come say hi!

Stay tuned for more posts, I have a few up my sleeve!