Saturday, June 13, 2009


howdy bloggers! oh excuses, excuses, excuses! I can think of a million reasons for why I have been all M.I.A over the last couple of weeks but none of them actually sound any good, Ha-ha! So, how is everyone?! i must say I have missed you :)

Kitty has been travelling the globe and has bought home with her some super-duper goodies for the shop! V. exciting! I love presents...especially the shiny kitsch variety!

Here are some of the sweetest things which have found a new home on our shelves! Loving the ice-cream cone money boxes, knitted hair-bows and beaded fruit coin purses! There is a whole range of other lovely treats so come say hi!

Stay tuned for more posts, I have a few up my sleeve!


  1. That ice cream money box makes me want sugar sugar sugar! Very cute items, those sparkly fruit purses are huge in Las Vegas!

  2. Oh they DO look delightful indeed! More fruit purse pics please!