Monday, June 15, 2009

Candy Mountain

I've mentioned this before on our blog- we enjoy trashy pop-culture TV. We can't help it, we are addicted! So when I read that Lauren Conrad was leaving The Hills and writing a series of books about a 'fictional' character who stars in her own reality TV show. I got a little excited. Ha-ha! I mean I was sad she was leaving the show but the drama will continue I'm sure of it!

So when I got emailed an excerpt from the book which is being launched on 24th June in Australia-I jumped for joy as once I finished reading it I instantly wanted more! I have already got my name on the waiting list...yep there is one! Click here for the full excerpt! My only disappointment was the characters name. Jane. I must say its a little bland...If I was writing a book about my life I would make my character have some way cool, awesome name like- Lola, Fern or Hazel!

This part made me laugh...

"What's wrong with white?" Jane asked.
"It just doesn't look great on camera. Color looks way better."
Jane looked down at the summery white lace dress she was wearing. Crap, she thought.

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