Saturday, June 27, 2009

Date Night

We stumbled across this post the other day on Icing's blog. Super cute! I love the idea of an unusual date. Sometimes it's so fun to do something that you wouldn't ever do and what is better than doing that with a someone you are crushing on!

My favourite were "The Collaborative Art Date", "Write a letter to each other and post it" and "Be Tourists for the Day"! These are such super-duper ideas! Ahhhh love...its a nice feeling.

Saturday is date night yeah? My lovely boyf and I are jam-packing our date-night with art and exhibitions! We are off to Over Growth 2 at Last Chance Studios and then popping by BOOM at Spectrum. I'm not sure how romantical it will be as there are a group of us going...but
it'll be fun!

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