Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So here at Lala Orange we are BIG, HUGE, MEGA fans of Gossip Girl. After a really long, long, long break Gossip Girl is back on! (oh by the way we watch it online-super addictive!) Well this weeks episode was great and left me hanging for more and there were so many questions to be answered and left me pondering why I love this show so much!

How did Jenny Humphrey make all those costumes by herself? Isn't she like 15? I know she is worked for Eleanor Waldorf but Serena and Blair looked like they were wearing couture.. seriously! I really do love the fashion on GG-bows, knee socks, hats and glove-somethings just won't work in this Australian climate, shame.

Are Blair and Chuck the new 'Marisa and Ryan' or 'Rachel and Ross'? Will they get together? Will she take him back? I am confused but I want to almost shouted 'What about Chuck?' at the computer screen when Blair got all cozy with slimeball Carter.

Vanessa is annoying but I liked her bag! I think Vanessa is really irritating and I think her and Nate are so wrong together and he should leave Vanessa for Jenny. Then Vanessa can leave the show and we can get a new character. But last night I give Vanessa props for that neon yellow! ( I couldn't find a picture-sorry...)

I kinda want Georgina Sparks to come back! I quite liked that story line, it was exciting and super bitchy. Serena is cooler when she is mess and kinda boring/bimbo-like when she is crushing on her gay director.

Is it bad I have a crush and son/father team Dan and Rufus? No need to answer this...


  1. Oh I am also a big mega fan of it. I've got my whole family addicted. My sister starts twitching when she doesn't get her GG fix.

  2. ahaha I get crabby if I don't get my hit of bitchy GG goodness!

  3. Is it bad I have a crush on Blair? I loved the books and I they have done a fantastic job on the show. The casting is spot on and all incredibly gorgeous. No Sex in the City for me I'd rather GG any day.