Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pinky, Promise!

I've been all M.I.A for last several days as I have been busy little bee and then it was a long weekend and I took some 'me' time! Having a 3 day weekend was total bliss! I mooched round, read a book, went to the pub, woke up late but now my week is all out whack and I keep thinking its Tuesday but it is actually Wednesday-yay almost the weekend again!

Anyways, I was checking out my long list of daily blogs and I stumbled across this!!!! So super cute! I want meet the pink dolphin! Apparently its albino. I wonder if there is going to start to be a trend in the animal kingdom-whats next a green bunnies, blue bambis and purple horses? I kinda want to see that...
P.S: Did any see the weekend papers? Lala got x 2 shout outs! One in the West Mag (which featured a terribly awkward photo...) and Lala made it into the top 50 boutiques in Perth under the gift section! Good work!

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