Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It was all Yellow...

As you know I quite enjoy Natalie Portman and a friend sent me this pic of her. And I was quite shocked! I wouldn't have thought she'd be a yellow nail-polish wearer! She gets away with it though without it looking tacky, cheessy or twee which I'm pretty sure is what I'd look like if I sported this colour! I wonder if this is whats 'in' at the moment in the world of nailpolish?

I do LOVE nail polish at the moment, I must admit. Not sure why! Maybe it's because I have been typing lots lately and enjoy capturing a pretty painted nail when I glance at the keyboard. I have been enjoying these colours lately dark plums , light solid and barbie pinks. But I would love to try that mushroom colour, blue and lilac!

P.S: Maybe I should try this! haha just joking! Oh Heidi when will you learn- though I love your tackiness!

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