Friday, April 10, 2009

Sweet Treats

I tried to sleep in today but it didn't really work but it's so nice not to wake up to an alarm and just get up because I want to! So I have 4 days in total of holiday bliss and I am going to fill them with eating great food, hanging out with nice people, maybe a spot of shopping and lots of reading and mooching in the sun!

Last night I had some drinks with some friends and Kitty and our friend P.Dot baked some sweet easter treats- they were inspired by this amazing New York bake house called Elleni's! They made little carrots, bunnies, easter eggs and fluffy lamb cookies! They looked too good to eat but I ate them anyways and they tasted divine! Happy Easter fellow blog lovers! I hope you a super relaxing holiday!


  1. So jealous! We found some "raisin buns" to eat as make-shift hot cross buns and luckily found two lonely cadbury cream eggs...But no Monday public holiday! Boo!

  2. ooo that's soooo adorable !!!