Friday, February 5, 2010

heaven on earth

Andrew M (sans pics yet!)

The delightful Kelly Cutrone

As you may have noticed I enjoy my share of reality TV (think Rachel Zoe Project, The Hills, The City, Project Runway!) So when I heard that Kelly Cutrone (Whitney & Laurens boss at People's Revolution) I couldn't wait to check it. I love Kelly, she is straight up, swears like a sailor but is also really hilarious!

Her new show is called 'Kell on Earth' and its awesome! I am also now in love with her assistant Andrew M who is a long-haird goth boy who likes to wear sequins. Its a winner by my books! You should check it out!

P.S: When you watch it...OMG I can't believe Robyn is wearing track-pants and a head scarf when she meets designer David Delfin!

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