Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oops it was lame!

Hilarious! Kristy scored us free tickets to Britney Spears last night so we donned on some lippy and joined the other 18000 fans excited about singing along to some gold! So disappointed it was more sad than large TV screens, seriously lame sound (yes she mimed!) and Brit looked pretty rough-due to hooker dancing and bad hair-do (exactly like you see when you read the trashmags... high messy ponytail). Our suggestion was perhaps it needed some more razzle-dazzle to distract everyone from the fact Britney aint what she used to be....

Anyways we finished the night with cocktails at the 'Spice Lounge' which was the super cheese we were after and the highlight was the awesome piano dude who sang Phil Collins...funnily he more entertaining than Brit! Good times!


  1. wow i cant believe how bad the set up is! you can even see britney if you are up the back.
    no wonder all those people were angry.

  2. i'd almost pay for phil. britney on the other hand...