Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who would play you?

I was watching One Tree Hill the other day (hey, no judgement!) and Lucas was casting all his friends in the movie he making of their lifes (oh if you haven't wathced this season its like 5 years in the future and Lucas is engaged to Peyton and Peyton is with child and Lucas is like a famous author and his book is being made into a movie! hahaha) This episode reminded me of how Kitty and I used to play this game when we were bored..."If someone was going to play you in a movie who would they cast?" Obiviously they can be hotter than you actually are but should probably have the same style, hair or vibe as you.
  1. If I was casting Kitty in a movie I would pick Michelle Williams or maybe Chloe Sevigny (but I think Chloe is little old now...) so maybe that french girl in that In Bruges/Harry Potter movie Clemence Posey. Kitty is pretty stylish and Michelle Williams could totally pull this off. She could be all sassy and New York chic. Yep I am feeling that!
  2. If I was going to pick someone for Mama Brite I would cast Sharon Stone or maybe Glen Close if Sharon was busy. I think Sharon Stone is way hot and Mama Brite is one foxy lady so thats pretty obvious.
  3. If I was going to pick someone for myself I it would be a toss up Zooey Deschanel or maybe Anne Hathaway. Remember they can be cooler and hotter than the real you! I think Zooey is kinda kooky and I wish my hair was cute like hers but I think Anne Hathaway is probably more me, she's a little more geekier and I really liked her in Devils Wears Prada
Who would play you?
P.S Some other games Kitty and I play is"If you were a dog what breed are you?" I think Kitty said I was a Black Labrador and I think Kitty would be one of those silky long haired french dogs I think they are called Afghans and our friend is a silky terrier- tee hee!


  1. oh golly i have NO idea who would play me out!? haha

    oh and the dog thing..reminds me of the OC when they call Luke a Golden Retriever..oh AND i totally own all of the one tree hills..def no judgement here!

    xx LM

  2. I'm thinking Kate Winslet circa Holy Smoke - you know I'm stuck in the nineties...! And Mearnsy, we think perhaps JT?