Friday, April 9, 2010

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Ok don't pee your pants....we have got a WHOLE range of brand-spanking new Holga cameras instore and we have complete HOLGA FEVER!!!!

We have Kitty Cameras in Tins ($105), Harikin Holgas in an assortment of cheery colours ($75), classic Holgas in yellow, white or black ($130) and the amazing Blackbird, Fly Twin Holga in Orange, Red, Black, Blue, White ($220), Plamodel (DIY Camera!) ($45) soooooo many to choose from its pretty exciting! Ok, breathe!

Here are an assortment of camera models and examples of work!

Plamodel DIY Camera $45

Kitty Camera in a Tin $105

Classic Holga $130

Harikin Camera $75

Blackbird, Fly Camera $220

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