Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hair is Important....

My latest TV obsession is Shear Genius...has anyone seen it?! Gold...! I have always thought I'd make a super hairdresser and probably should have done an apprenticeship! Shear Genius is kind of like Project Runway but with hairdressers! Its down to the final three three and I can't decide if I like Brig the yellow haired kooky underdog or Janine the super cute tattooed one who is a bit bitchy...I don't really dig Matthew and he will probably win! Check it out...it is good, well I think it is...haha!
p.s oh yeah its also hosted by Camila Alves and she finished each elimination with "Remember, hair is important"....hahaha too cheesey!

1 comment:

  1. When I read "cute tattooed one" I thought you meant the first one (thinking it was a really butchy woman). I'm sure someone out there thinks he's cute...