Sunday, January 3, 2010

ink me, Alice!

So I have been talking about getting a tattoo for a long time and I pretty sure 2010 is the year I'll be getting it done! Yay! I have a few I want to get but I might start out with getting a birdy on my arm! I totally heart this but I'm pretty sure its done with fineliner...haha!

I am thinking something larger and has reference to a bluebird brooch my grandma gave my mum on her 5th birthday and now I have it! But nothing too rockabilly....

Now I just need an artist to draw whats in my mind!


  1. Sigh... If only we lived in the L.A Ink tattoo studio.
    Also, blue birds are the prettiest of all birds!

  2. totally! I just finished watching LA Ink season 2! I would die if kat von d tattoo-ed me- amazing!