Friday, December 4, 2009

xmas decor8

So I haven't put up my tree or decorated my house yet! But this weekend I have plans...major festive plans! In previous years I have decorated my standard xmas tree from Myer with the usual suspects- think baubles and tinsel... However this year the thought artificial branches and tinsel is making me I have decided to take a more super-cute and modern approach this year!

I'm having my best lady-friends over for a Christmas feast (where I'll be attempting to cook a roast! eeeek Roast+ Renee=fail! However Jamie Oliver has assured me that his recipe is 'fool-proof'!!!) so I want it to be festive and fun! This is my inspiration...I'll take a photo of the final product and post it after the weekend!

I am in love with these wooden trees if anyone knows where I can purchase let me know!!! I would actually have these in my house all year round!

How amazing is this tree?! So pretty! I have no idea where its from but LOVES!

And finally Lady Melbournes xmas tree from 2008! I think this is what I'll probably do as its really sweet and I think I could actually recreate that!


  1. They look super sweet. Love that second shot and the third looks so easy to attempt. Great inspo

  2. yep, waaaaay good! So sick of fake plastic trees, bring it on!

  3. These are my favourite wooden trees I've spotted this season:

    so cute!

    These are those wooden trees

  5. OOO I love those Sarah! If I borrowed a drill I could perhaps do that!